Diversity in YA is baaaack! On Tumblr!

Remember back in 2011 when we (YA authors Cindy Pon and Malinda Lo) launched Diversity in YA, a national book tour and website that celebrated diversity in middle grade and young adult fiction? Well, we shuttered that site at the end of 2011 because we only planned to do it for one year, but … people kept asking us to talk about diversity! (A wonderful surprise!) And we realized that Tumblr is an awesome platform, and maybe we could continue DiYA in Tumblr form.

So here we are! DiYA on Tumblr is a little different than our previous website, but some things are the same. We’re still here to celebrate diversity in young adult fiction. “Diversity,” to us, encompasses race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, but there’s wiggle room, too. We want to celebrate books that are outside the mainstream; we want to bring the margin to the center.

What’s different? Well, since we’re on Tumblr, you can ask us questions! You can also submit posts. If you know of a diverse YA title coming out, or you have an idea for a great list of diverse YA titles, please submit. We want to know!

Another different thing: Back in our original form, we included diverse middle grade books. Since we’re both YA writers (and readers) and we don’t know much about MG, that was always a challenge for us. (We didn’t want to get it wrong!) So here on Tumblr, we’re going to focus on YA. That doesn’t mean we won’t also blog about diverse MG titles when we find out about them (submit!), but we’ve decided that it makes more sense for DiYA to live up to its name: Diversity in YA.

We think this is going to be fun. We hope you’ll enjoy our new incarnation on Tumblr! Any questions? Just ask.

Malinda and Cindy

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