DiYA Author Spotlight: Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez is the author of numerous young adult novels about gay teens, including the Lambda Award-winning So Hard to Say and the Rainbow Boys trilogy. Sanchez has a master’s degree in guidance and counseling and worked for many years as a youth and family counselor.

“[Rainbow Boys] came about when I was dealing with some of my own coming-out issues, and writing, and I kept coming across, either in the news or in my work as a counselor, young people who were coming out. I was just so inspired by their courage and their stories that as I was writing the book it sort of took form in terms of teenagers. And then the more I worked on it, my vision, or goal, I guess you could say, was to write the book I wanted to read when I was a teenager.”
— Alex Sanchez in an interview with Publishers Weekly

“What makes covert prejudice so hard to confront is its very subtlety. One way writers can address subtle biases is to do what we do best: WRITE stories that reveal how covert prejudices work. Such themes will be particularly valuable in YA stories, as it becomes less acceptable to openly bash LGBT young people. Many kids who in the past may have been openly harassed, bullied, and ostracized will undoubtedly experience more covert prejudice as our society incrementally moves toward true equality. We need to tell those stories.”
— Alex Sanchez on the subtle homophobia that writers of LGBT stories sometimes encounter, in an interview with Malinda Lo

Visit Alex Sanchez’s website.

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